Fifty Years Rich Heritage

We are part of Surendra Jewellers which has delivered the finest jewellery for more than five decades.


To be the most trusted supplier to retail and wholesale jewellers by ensuring the highest level of quality and fair pricing.


Be the hallmark of integrity, ethics, quality in the jewellery industry.

History of Excellence Quality

Half a century of heritage in the jewellery industry. Unshakeable reputation of the highest levels of integrity and unwavering commitment to customers with superior quality and craftsmanship.

We are committed to excellence. Building trust with our customers. Delivering unmatched value.

Basanti Jewellers' Team

Surendra Kumar
Set up Surendra Jewellers in 1970 and soon became renowned for his passion for serving customers with the finest quality jewellery. Mr Kumar is known for his ethics and integrity. With over half a century of business acumen, he brings immense value to retailer and wholesale jewellers.
Surendra KumarFounder - Surendra Jewellers
Dharvendra Kumar
Dharvendra Kumar manages the operations of Surendra Jewellers and is a stickler for quality and delivering the highest value to customers.
Dharvendra KumarProprietor - Surendra Jewellers
Satyendra Verma
Satyendra holds a track record of marketing, brand, and product management in MNCs. Basanti Jewellers is his brainchild to offer high-quality jewellery to retailers and wholesales merchants.
Satyendra VermaProprietor - Basanti Jewellers

Our Core Strengths

1.Rich Heritage of Over 50 Years

We are part of the illustrious Surendra Jewellers which has built an unshakeable reputation for over 50 years

2.Uncompromising Quality

We make sure that each and every product is authentic high quality

3.Dedicated to Wholesales and Retail Jewellers

Our entire business model is focused on supplying high-quality jewellery products to wholesales and retail jewellers

4.Reputation & Trust

We are driven by an unwavering focus on integrity, business ethics and delivering value to our partners.

What Our Customers Say

Trusted partners of wholesalers and retailers in gold jewellery.

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